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5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Places Listing.


The need for places listing is as wide and varied as the number of people in the world, so it’s important for every business to adapt. By using online marketing tools, you can constantly stay up to date with your competition and innovate from there. Small businesses are vulnerable

This lesson came to me when I realized that making money wasn’t the only goal of our company. We needed a community who supported us and we needed events that would bring us outside of our bubble of friends, family, and coworkers.

Can I use places listing without going through the platform?

Yes, you can get listings via a third party platform. However, these listings may not contain all of the information required for the platforms to advertise and promote your business to their audiences.

How do I get Google Maps Business Listings?

Google has recently launched Business Listing Center, which is an automated process. Here, users can register for a free listing and receive similar treatment to that of Google Maps – free content marketing tools and advertising with placement throughout Google Maps. You also have access to data feed on your customers and can manage your placements as well as measure performance of each campaign in detail.

As for Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, there is a simple process to go about receiving your free listing. You can either pay for it or do it for free.

Some businesses will opt to create separate listings on each platform. This means that they will have multiple listings with the same content on Google Maps – one at no cost and another as paid placement. Each platform has a different advertising policy, so this depends entirely on the business owner’s preferences.

Once you have created a listing on these platforms and distributed them through social media, your customers will start finding you and your listing will rank higher than other available ones in the area.

There’s also a case to be made for small business owners who have had businesses for many years. If a business has been around for many years, it can become an authority in its field and can begin to build its position in Google Maps.

How does placements work?

Placements are the ad that appears within Google Maps when a user is looking for services or locations nearby. These ads include a call to action button that leads you to your profile on the platform. This could be either through a link or an organic call-to-action button on the map itself.

How many placements can I have?

There are no restrictions in terms of how many placements you can have. Google does not restrict you from creating as many placements as you wish. The limit is only on how many of those places can be within the same geographic area.

There is a maximum allowed amount of geographical space within which your placements are allowed to be placed – but this is not set by Google. It will depend on your placement content, including type of business and meta data so that it’s properly displayed for users.

Does it matter what time of the year they appear?

Placements may show up at any time of the year. However, you do have seasonal options and can potentially change up your marketing campaign depending on your needs. Google allows businesses to define their own dates of business activity and these are used as seasonal periods in Google Maps. Here, you can specify when your business is open throughout the year so that users do not come to your place with a mistaken impression that it’s closed. Your business will still be shown on Google Maps during this period, but with a note displaying its hours of operation as well as a link to your official website for more information.

How much does it cost for placements?

Google does not have set pricing per listing, as all placement areas within Google Maps are selected via algorithms. This means that when you create your listing, Google will give you a place to write the minimum bid and they will select the most appropriate one. You can then increase or decrease your price as you see fit.

What do I need to consider when setting up my placements?

When setting up placements, make sure to mention the unique information on each business including its address, telephone number, website URL and contact details. Ideally, each placement should also have a picture in order to increase user’s awareness of the company services or products.


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