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which of the following correctly describes the term cost driver?


cost driver is a term that has been used to describe the financial aspects of owning a home or property. It usually refers to the financial aspects of the purchase of a home, including financing costs, the costs related to an owner’s equity or mortgage, and the costs associated with an interest rate.

Cost driver is the major factor driving a home, but it’s also one of the most important. Costs associated with ownership, and the money you pay for it, can really influence how you live and how you manage your finances.

Cost driver has a specific meaning in regards to real estate investing. It is the money you spend to acquire a home. So you need to make sure you are buying with more than your savings, and you need to be working with a home builder who has the right costs associated with their real estate.

The word cost has always been very divisive and the term has become somewhat of a catch phrase used among real estate investors for being the one factor that can determine how a property is priced. There are those who say that they will only buy a home with the correct costs, and others who say they will only buy a home with the right price.

Cost is not a thing in real estate. When someone purchases a home they are paying for it, and the cost is the cost of everything associated with the home, including the loan. The cost driver is the person, company, or industry that is buying the home, and it is not necessarily connected to the price of the home.

Cost drivers are the people who pay for the house. It’s the person who is doing the work and collecting the money. This is an important distinction because it often seems as though cost drivers are out to get the home. This is not true, however. A cost driver is one who wants to buy your house. It is not a cost.

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