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What is the importance of using digital technology in printing t-shirts?


Using digital technology in printing t-shirts has many advantages over conventional screen printing. Digital technology enables you to preview your design before printing. It also gives you more options, including changing the colour of the shirt and applying your design. It can also reduce costs.

Screen printing

While screen printing can produce stunning designs, it is not as economical for small orders. Screen-printed shirts can be costly and take a lot of time and effort. However, screen printing is a good choice if you need to order large numbers of the same design. Although it may be more expensive than digital printing, screen-printed shirts can be cheaper when ordered in bulk.

Unlike digital printing, screen printing requires a stencil. The screen is cut to create a stencil for the design, which is then printed on the shirt. Screen printing also allows for the creation of intricate, multi-coloured designs. However, there is a limit to the number of colours used on a single screen.

Screen-printed shirts can be printed on almost any fabric. However, this method is only suitable for simple designs or small-scale garment orders. Digital printing, on the other hand, is the best option for larger and more detailed designs. Because digital printing uses a digital printer to produce your design, you can achieve a much higher-quality image. However, digital printing on a large scale is quite expensive and may not be worth it if you only need a few shirts.

Direct-to-garment printing

Direct-to-garment printing of tshirts is a popular method for creating customized apparel. This process has many advantages for small businesses, including increased production speed, lower costs, and faster turnaround times. With the help of modern direct-to-garment printers, small shops can produce great-looking t-shirts for a fraction of the cost.

The process is easy to use. It involves adding a design to a transfer paper. This paper is heated, and the design is transferred to the fabric. This method is a quick, easy way to transfer a complete photographic image onto a T-shirt.

Another benefit of DTG printing is that it requires minimal setup time. This method of t-shirt printing is also ideal for small-scale orders. It allows for detailed designs without needing large-scale investment in screen printing equipment. Additionally, there is no minimum order quantity for DTG printing.

One of the best features of DTG printers is the ability to print with virtually any colour. The downside is that DTG printers only print one t-shirt at a time, so if you need to print many shirts, there are better options than this one. Another advantage of same day t-shirt printing in Perth by Uniform Me is its flexibility in terms of designs.


Digital technology in printing t-shirts allows you to get high-quality prints for very low prices. It eliminates the need for screens and cuts. It is also very cost-effective, which makes it an excellent choice for mass customization. This process requires only a small amount of space.

Screen printing is still popular for large quantities but less suited to small-scale orders and complex designs. However, digital printing offers the benefits of unlimited colours and reduces labour costs. The ink used in digital printing is thinner than those used for screen printing. Because of this, digital printing is best suited for lighter-coloured shirts.

Print-On-Demand shirts are cheaper than screen-printed t-shirts, but they come with a cost. It is because you order them one at a time instead of in bulk. Several Print-On-Demand T-Shirt companies offer this service. Among them are Printify, Gooten, and Printify. They offer high-quality,’ ready to ship’ T-Shirts at a low cost.

Digital technology is also more cost-efficient, particularly for smaller orders. Because digital printing does not require setup time, it is an excellent choice for printing high-quality multiple-colour images in smaller quantities.


Speed is an essential factor when using digital technology in printing t-shirt designs. The amount of time it takes to print a single shirt varies depending on its size, the number of colours in the design, and whether or not the design requires a flash cure. 

With digital printing, you can print small, customized production runs that meet your customers’ needs. Smaller production runs mean you can produce more shirts in less time. With digital printing, you don’t need to set up screens and can make a shirt for a single customer just when needed.

The other advantage of digital technology in t-shirt printing is that it’s very fast. Using digital technology to print t-shirts will allow you to print many shirts at once. This way of printing t-shirts allows you to produce several hundred daily shirts.


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