Top Ten Time Management Apps You Should Try Out

The Best Time Management Apps You Should Start Using

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We often get overburdened with so much activity that 24 hours seem insufficient for a day. This race against the clock usually results in adverse side effects such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems, etc. Time management is an important skill we must develop to maximize productivity without compromising health. Fortunately, technology has made managing time and the work process easier today. 

Technology plays a significant impact on our daily lives. Thanks to its numerous innovations, several everyday activities have been made easier, including work, transportation, agriculture, education, and even gaming. For instance, technology has helped create various gaming websites and apps, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite games at the click of a button. You can visit this website to play the 777 Gems Respin slot or any other online game of your choice.

Likewise, we can leverage technology to maximize our time with time management applications. These Apps are designed to assist users in scheduling and prioritizing daily activities, tracking time, organizing tasks, and various other time management features. Let’s go through a list of some time management apps that you should try out.


Todoist is a task management app that allows you to organize, schedule, and set reminders for your tasks. It also has a task management feature that lets you prioritize and divide tasks into smaller subtasks. You can use graphs and charts in the paid version to gauge the extent of your progress and productivity. The app also includes voice control features that allow you to schedule tasks with the sound of your voice. It is available in free and paid versions and on desktop and mobile devices.


RescueTime is designed to help you find a balance between your daily activities. The app keeps track of how much time you spend and generates useful reports to help you evaluate your progress. For example, it provides a detailed report on how much time you spend on various websites and social media apps. It also keeps track of how much time you spend on your scheduled tasks. This will help you know how productive you are and how much time you waste. The app is accessible via both desktop and mobile devices. However, it has only a 14-day free trial, after which you must pay to keep using it.


Pocket is a bookmarking app that allows you to focus on a current task while scheduling any distracting items for later. For example, while browsing the internet, you might find something interesting, such as an exciting article or a funny video. Instead of switching to watching or dismissing the video, Pocket allows you to schedule it for later viewing. So, once you’ve completed your work, you can return to it later. The app is available in free and paid versions and works on all devices.


HabitMinder is a habit-tracking app that helps you break time-wasting habits and replace them with better ones. The app is beneficial for both personal and professional development. It comes with 50 pre-programmed habits, but you can also enter any other habit you want. The app also includes accountability features to help you stay consistent and track your progress over time.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track allows you to track the amount of time you spend on various tasks and automatically generates reports to help you make informed decisions. You can also use the app’s calendar feature to plan and schedule your activities. It is an excellent project management tool because it will always notify you of the time you have left on a specific project or task.


The Forest app helps you to regulate how much time you spend away from your phone. It encourages productivity by helping you stay away from your phone to focus on more productive activities. It plays out like a game where you plant a virtual tree, and you must stay away from your phones until it grows. The longer you stay away from your phones, the more the tree grows. As a reward, you receive virtual coins based on how long you are away from your phone.

Moreover, every virtual coin you receive is a donation to the forest tree planting initiative, which they use to plant a real tree. The basic concept encourages you to focus on other productive activities and avoid distractions with your mobile phone.


Clockify is another helpful time management tool that tracks how much time you spend on each activity on your mobile device. The app also determines whether you have worked on productive activities and generates detailed periodic reports that show how productive you are over a given period.


Microsoft-To-Do is a mobile app that allows you to outline and schedule your daily tasks easily. You can also prioritize these tasks according to their importance and set reminders when necessary. You can also use it to share tasks with your team and set project deadlines. The app is free and available for Android and iOS devices.


Timetag is a time tracking app that syncs with your mobile calendar to schedule daily tasks and track the amount of time spent on each task. The app also generates a detailed report and statistics on how you spend your time and gives suggestions on how to be more productive.


Like other time tracking and productivity apps, Rize helps track how much time you spend on each activity. Moreover, one of the app’s unique features is the detailed productivity report it generates. It reports how much work you’ve completed, how many hours you worked, your total focus period, time spent distracted, and so on. The apps also include features that assist you in developing better habits and focusing.


Time management is critical to ensuring productivity. The time management apps discussed above can help you manage, schedule, and organize your time effectively to achieve more productive results. Don’t forget to visit Parimatch for an exciting betting experience. 

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