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the profile egirl capital vc blog is a place to share and discover ideas, resources, and inspiration for women who want to grow and thrive.

When we originally set up this blog back in 2008 we were a small group of women who wanted to share what we were doing and what we were doing with each other. It was a way for us to get together and share our thoughts and efforts.

We were in the middle of a new story and it was a great opportunity for us to explore that place. The new location and the fact that we were still working on the site meant we couldn’t stay out too long. It was a great opportunity for us to share the community of women who want to grow and thrive in the new surroundings that we were living and working in.

We were also making a connection to the other women we knew who lived outside of the country here in the states. A lot of us had been living on the east coast so the idea of living in a place where the women we knew werent home was very attractive to us.

A lot of us have lived in Europe and Australia but we wouldnt have known this. We met up and helped each other out. It was also great that we got to learn from each other and have that support.

We all came from similar backgrounds, which helped us to form a tighter bond. We were also all from cities. In a way its an advantage that we all knew each other, but as a whole we were all from the same towns and cities.

The women in our groups were all very very different. We were all pretty much the same age, and had similar job titles, but there was something about egirl capital that appealed to us like no other. We got to see each other and hangout as a group. I think its great because its something that we all have in common that we like to interact with other women who are also like us.

We were all made up of just about everyone. The most common thing that you see in egirl is a group of male characters with a lot of power. Those are young people with big heads, big arms, big legs, and everything sort of goes around them. They’re all very nice people. There’s a lot of power behind them. They’re mostly responsible, but they’re also smart, capable, kind of good-looking people who have great ideas for things.

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