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Pestie has been around since the beginning of time. I can’t find a site that lists the exact date, but I am pretty sure it is a very long time ago. Before the dawn of time, humans did not have pestes. Before the dawn of time, humans did not have pestes. Before the dawn of time, humans did not have pestes. Before the dawn of time, humans did not have pestes.

There are so many things that pestes have done, some of which are very weird. But the big one is that they’ve killed. Yes, that’s right, they’ve killed everything that moves. Most people (including me) think that it was caused by the fact that pestes were created by the sun. That’s a really good theory. All they need is the sun, which happens to be the biggest thing that moves in the universe.

In a nutshell, pestes cause earthquakes. When these earthquakes happen, they cause a hole in the earth to be dug into the ground and left open. The pests that come out of the hole eat everything in sight, including anything that moves. In an alternate universe, this would cause a flood, and then the pestes would be wiped out. We can’t know for sure what happened though.

Sounds like a good idea.

According to Wikipedia, pestes were first discovered by the ancients in China in the 3rd century B.C. as an agricultural pest. They were first used for pest control in the middle ages. They are now found all over the world.

It probably doesn’t help that the word pest is a combination of the Greek word for pest (pest), and the Latin word pestis, meaning “pest” or “insect.” So the pesties are a pest species of insects, which is why they are called pests.

Yep, but what should we call them? It’s not a problem in itself. It’s a problem when the word pestie feels wrong and then people have trouble finding a name. I just want to say here that I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer when it comes to naming things. As far as I know, the word pest has never been used for anything in its current form.

For example, pestis is the Latin for pest. But pestie is the Latin for pest. I think the spelling of the word pestie is a bit off. It’s not really a “spelling error” either, I just think the word has been a bit misused.

I think the name pestie is a bit of a misnomer. I think the word pest has been used for a long time, but it has never been a derogatory word. I think the word pest is probably being used because it sounds clever, like something a kid would say. A kid would say peste, pest, peste, peste.

I think it was the Romans who used the word “pest” to mean a person that was in trouble. In the middle ages they used “pest”, which is French for “pestilence”. So the word pest could mean a person that is sick. It could also mean someone that is in trouble. But I think the word pestie has been misused since the early 1800s. It has been used as a generic term for a pest or pestilent person.

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