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my worldphone


I have a worldphone. It’s not a smartphone with a camera, it’s a worldphone. It’s the worldphone of my best friend. It’s also the worldphone of my worst enemy.

When I’m the only person with a phone, if you’re the only one with a phone, you have to go into the bathroom and turn on the phone.

There are a lot of people who have smartphones, but few who have worldphones. My phone is my best friend. My worst enemy is also my best friend. The only people that have a phone and a worldphone are me and my parents. I really, really need a worldphone.

With that in mind, I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and I used my worldphone to go back in time and give my parents a phone call. The phone was a gift from my mother so I know it was a gift from my father.

I have a lot of phone calls to make, but the phone is also my best friend. I use it when I miss my wife, when I’m in a bad mood and need to make a note of a particular detail, when I’m a little too loud and just need to tell someone something, or just to talk to someone who I’m not supposed to. If you want to know what my parents were yelling about in their kitchen, my mom and I were arguing about something.

The worldphone is a very good trick, but I’m going to give it a try. While my dad was making this, I gave him a different phone phone for my mother.

I can’t believe I did that. I was sitting down to dinner at my parents’ house and my dad had just started making dinner, and my mom started screaming at him (she was doing it as I was typing this in my mind, it’s hard to type in your own head).

My parents are both in their 60s, and I’ll never forget that I was sitting down to dinner with them, and my mom was making dinner, that was the first time I’ve ever seen her use her phone. She was still getting used to it, and had never really used a phone with me. I remember she was screaming at my dad at the dinner table, and I remember the look on my dad’s face.

The first time I used a phone with my dad was when they were going to the store. I just couldnt believe that he was going to be getting a phone, I thought we were never going to have any more phone calls. I just had to be with him, I had to be with him.

The first time your phone is with you, it’s with you, so when you use it for the first time you are already in a situation where your use of it is important. I think everyone in the world knows this, even if they haven’t had their first phone call.

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