Are Campus Apartments Worth the Investment?

Student housing is among the most illuminating and dependable real estate investments available. Student housing is typically in high demand, particularly at the beginning of the academic year. As a result, student housing offers a great deal of financial safety.

Student property investment has expanded rapidly in recent years, with investors from across the world looking to place more emphasis on the demand for university accommodation in urban centers.

Listed below are several reasons why student housing can be a great investment.

1. High level of demand

Nowadays, many higher education institutions do not provide on-campus housing for four years. Therefore many students admitted require accommodation while pursuing their studies. Furthermore, there is an admission of freshmen annually, guaranteeing that the pool of tenants is never drained. Most property investors and developers are beginning to capitalize on this lucrative business opportunity.

2. Increased rent

High demand leads to rents for student accommodation rising. Since most students cannot transit from home or settle down on school grounds for all four years, you can sometimes charge higher rent when several people share a space since each person pays their rent separately.

3. Property condition standards are relatively low

Renting student housing to university students is a great way to earn more revenue while saving a significant amount as you wouldn’t have to pay for maintenance. Student housing often does not need to be of the same quality as units rented to responsible adults since they are frequently less cash unstable.

4. Student housing is intriguing

The luxuries and equipment found in purpose-built student housing have already been guaranteed. They can, for example, take advantage of communal spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, and learning areas. These amenities are often accessible and reach a large number of student occupiers.

You will experience higher returns and relatively short periods when you invest in student housing. It provides the assurance and safety that many stockholders seek.

5. Property saleability

When the apartment is located in a lively area of the town, you won’t need to market it to boost vacancy rates. Because these places tend to have food stalls, art galleries, shopping complexes, and nightlife, these establishments become attractions for student groups looking to rent your block. These college town properties generally sell themselves, so you only need to put in a little initiative to boost them.

6. A stable market

Many individuals invest in student housing markets to benefit from the industry’s revenue flow stability. The Ruckus’ West Campus apartments in Austin, TX, are constructed near densely populated institutions of higher learning. There is no denying that shareholders will start receiving consistent, hassle-free earnings. In addition to having to rent out your apartments near Birmingham to students, you could also rent out some spaces to tourists during summer.

7. Rent assurance

Since most college students have no credit record, student housing focuses on the tenants of the structure to have co-signers on their lease agreements. Parents, custodians, or student club advisors can serve as guarantors. As a result, it ensures that rental collections are not a problem.

8. High-Net-Worth students population selection

Focusing on specific student sectors is the key to maximizing returns for student property developers. Investors would be better considering universities with a high proportion of international students. Also, Postgraduate students tend to pay more and consider housing outside of typical student places. But since your student housing apartment is in a city, you can predict many international students.

9. Maintaining the market rent rule

Some places in the nation have put in place rent control, which prevents landlords from increasing rents until they find a new tenant. It could be a real pain for the residential section. However, when it comes to student apartments, you have the advantage since you will be able to attract a new batch of students every two years or so after they complete their undergraduate education.

10. Full property management

Property management is typically included when you invest in student housing. Therefore, allowing you to delegate administration to experts like the university. Student developers will typically assign a devoted student housing management firm to control the entire site effectively. You cover the sales cycle of letting the properties, coordinating tenant lifecycle, and preserving rooms/apartments and shared public areas of the building.


To conclude, student rentals are a considerable investment. You will get better benefits based on the area you pick, especially near the university, cafés, eateries, and workplaces. However, there will always be risks linked with any investment. What you have to do is reduce and incorporate the uncertainty.

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